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  イナターナショナル・ソカモナーク・セミファイナル エントリー

1月25日(土)20:00 会場:ガラカラ・パーク ポイント・ピエール

  アーティスト 曲目
1 Benji Over and Over
2 Rupee I will be there
3 Iwer George Gemme a bligh
4 Slimmy Antix
5 SW Storm Soca Symphony
6 Natalie Yorke Do what you want
7 Impulse De sheriff
8 Celtic Invation Bagpipie Soca
9 Preacher My dulahin
10 Bert Express yourself
11 Ward One Fever
12 Billy D Kid Juana
13 Fay-Ann Lyons (S. Blue's daughter) My time now
14 Naya George (Invasion) Trinidad
15 Flava Wine mama
16 KMC Two
17 Double D Sting she
18 Rikki Jai Anything is anything
19 Bunji Garlin In the ghetto
20 Crazy Masquerade
21 Xposer Bring it
22 Onika Bostic Mash it up
23 Tallpree Rag invasion
24 Durapatee and AC Teaser
25 Edwin Charles (Traffik) Thank you
26 Destra Garcia (Roy Cape All Stars) Set it off
27 Shurwayne Winchester (Traffik) Splash
28 Blaxx Wild-Wild West
29 Rocky & Ghetto Flex Carnival is bacchanal
30 Super Blue Peace party
31 Jason Williams The response
32 Strongy Bum bum party
33 Sean Caruth (Traffik) Coal pot
34 Super P Peeping
35 Maximus Dan War
36 Rootsman Break in the party
37 Knycky Cordner Gas
38 Roger George (Xtatik) Break
39 Farmer Nappy (Xtatik) Junk Yard
40 Derrick Seales Hull
41 Treason Pirates
42 Denise Belfon Jamette