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@ ƒoƒ“ƒh–Ό “Ύ“_ ‹Θ–Ϊ ƒAƒŒƒ“ƒWƒƒ[
1 Trinidad Nostalgic ‚Q‚U‚Q Dulahin Jit Samaroo
2 La Horquetta Pan Groove ‚Q‚U‚P Hairy Bank Duvon Stewart
3 San Juan East Side Symphony ‚Q‚T‚W Dulahin @
4 Laventille Serenaders ‚Q‚T‚V For the Love Auburn Wilshire
5 Woodbrook Playboyz ‚Q‚T‚U Do What You Want Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
6 Petrotrin Self Help Marines ‚Q‚T‚T Biting Insects @
6 Worldwide ‚Q‚T‚T Dulahin @
8 St. James Tripolians ‚Q‚T‚Q The Prize @
8 Trinidad East Side Symphony ‚Q‚T‚Q Dulahin @
10 Shades In Steel ‚Q‚T‚P Dulahin Kenneth Guppy Brown
11 Harlem Syncopators ‚Q‚S‚W We will Cary on@ @

ˆΘγ‚P‚Pƒoƒ“ƒh{uArima All Starsv‚ΜŒv‚P‚Qƒ`[ƒ€‚ͺŒˆŸio

12 Marsicans ‚Q‚S‚U Firestorm @
13 Spree Simon Harmonics ‚Q‚S‚S Dulahin @
14 Carib Pan Jammers ‚Q‚S‚R Chances Arnold Sonny Danclar
14 San Juan All Stars ‚Q‚S‚R Do What You Want @
16 Pan on the Move ‚Q‚S‚Q Dulahin Dexter Simon
16 Tobago Pan-Thers ‚Q‚S‚Q Biting Insects @
16 Scrunters Pan Groove ‚Q‚S‚Q Dulahin @
19 Pan Fanatics ‚Q‚S‚P Do What You Want @
20 Woodbrook Modernaires ‚Q‚S‚O Do What You Want Douglas Redom
21 Power Boats Scorpion Pan Reflections ‚Q‚R‚X Biting Insects Dennis Peters
22 La Creole Pan Groove ‚Q‚R‚V Hairy Bank @
23 Rio Claro Koskeros ‚Q‚R‚U Pan Playing Anything @
24 Chord Masters ‚Q‚R‚T Biting Insects @
25 Hope Pan Groove ‚Q‚R‚S Firestorm @
26 Rythm Rockers ‚Q‚R‚R Pan Playing Anything @
27 Uni-Stars ‚Q‚Q‚W Dulahin Sydney Joseph
28 Bar 22 ‚Q‚Q‚Q Biting Insects @
28 Cocorite West Wind ‚Q‚Q‚Q Dulahin @
30 New Age Trendsetters ‚Q‚P‚X That Feeling @
31 Gonzales Sheikers ‚Q‚P‚T Do What You Want @

¦uArima All Starsv‚ΝƒV[ƒhˆ΅‚’