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1月31日(水)19:00 会場:グランドスタンド・サバンナ

  バンド名 曲目 アレンジャー
1 Merrytones   The Prize Anise "Haffers" Hadeed
2 PCS Starlift Dr. Mannette Ray Holman
3 WITCO Desperadoes Savannah on Fire Clive Bradley
4 Phase II Pan Groove Do What You Want Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
5 BP Renegades Sweet Romana Jit Samaroo
6 Silver Stars Fire Storm Edwin Pouchet
7 Carib Tokyo The Prize Beverly Griffith
8 BWIA Invaders Me' Lange Ken Professor Philmore
9 Belmont 5th Dimension Colours Keith Salceido
10 Trinidad All Stars Fire Storm Leon "Smooth" Edwards