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@ ƒoƒ“ƒh–Ό ‹Θ–Ϊ ƒAƒŒƒ“ƒWƒƒ[
1 Curepe Scherzando Colours Douglas Redon
2 Nu Tones My Dolahin Wayne Bruno/ Sydney Joseph
3 PCS Starlift Dr. Mannette Ray Holman
4 Carib Tokyo The Prize Beverly Griffith
5 Our Boys Do What You Want Kenneth Guppy
6 Solo Pan    Knights The Bomb Robert Greenidge
7 Petrotrin Siparia Deltones My Dolahin Carlton Alexander
8 WITCO Desperadoes Savannah on Fire Clive Bradley
9 Fonclaire Do What You Want Darren Sheppard
10 Southern Marines The Mecca Malomo Nkosi
11 Fascinators Symphony For the Love Lennox Jordan
12 Petrotrin Hatters Music For The Soul Earl Brooks
13 TCL Group Skiffle Bunch My Dolahin Godwin Bowen
14 BP Renegades Sweet Romana Jit Samaroo
15 Exodus Good News Pelham Goddard
16 Couva Joylanders Good News Kenrick Frederick
17 Parry's Pan   School Parkside Jam Selwyn Parry Paul
18 Inncogen Pamberi Fire Storm Brian Villafana
19 Redemption Sound Setters@ Music for the Soul Winston Gordon
20 Melodians Play Anything Terrance "B.J." Marcelle
21 BWIA Invaders Me' Lange Ken Professor Philmore
22 Tropical Angel Harps Pan Dispute Clarence Morris
23 Longdenville Claytones Do What You Want Richard Gittens
24 Tonadoes Play Anything Brian Brument
25 Belmont 5th Dimension Colours Keith Salceido
26 Merrytones   The Prize Anise "Haffers" Hadeed
27 Potential Symphony Music For The Soul Tyrell Marcelle
28 Silver Stars Fire Storm Edwin Pouchet
29 Southern All Stars Colours Glen Williams
30 Harmonites Music for the Soul Eddie Quarless
31 Phase II Pan Groove Do What You Want Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
32 Trinidad All Stars Fire Storm Leon "Smooth" Edwards
33 Carib Dixieland Music for the Soul Emmanuel Ector
34 Birdsong Sweetness "Two Left" Smith