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‚QŒŽ‚T“ϊi‰Ξj‚P‚XF‚O‚O@‰οκFSt. James Anphi Seatre

@ ƒA[ƒeƒBƒXƒg “Ύ“_ ‹Θ–Ϊ
1 Roger George ‚S‚Q‚W Good News
2 Hollis Wright ‚S‚Q‚R Music for the Soul
3 De Fosto ‚S‚P‚R Fire Storm
4 David gHappyff Williams ‚S‚P‚O The Prize
5 Princess Monique ‚S‚O‚Q Sailor Band
6 Candy Hoyte ‚R‚X‚X Savannah on Fire
7 Natalie Yorke ‚R‚X‚W Do What You Want
8 Skatie ‚R‚X‚P Dr. Mannette
8 Steve Sealy ‚R‚X‚P Pan Dispute
10 Eunice Peters ‚R‚W‚R Colours
11 Oba ‚R‚U‚T Sweetness
12 Golden ‚R‚U‚P Teach Me to Play
¦ƒfƒBƒtƒFƒ“ƒfƒBƒ“ƒOEƒ`ƒƒƒ“ƒsƒIƒ“uColin Lucasv‚͏oκŽ«‘ށB