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2月9日(金)19:00 会場:シティーホール前 POSダウンタウン

  バンド名 曲目 アレンジャー
1 Spellbound Pan On The Moon John Geetooah
2 Marsicans Rain Drops On My Pan Frank Alleyne/Vincent Hernandez
3 Pan Stereosnetts Yoh Looking for Horn Kevon Marshall
4 World Wide Pan On The Moon Noel Skair 
5 Woodbrook Playboyz Freedom Len Boogsie Sharpe
6 San Juan All Stars Fire and Steel Yohan Popwell
7 D Untouchables Pan Groove Tradesman Mishael Jaggernath 
8 Pan On The Move Queen Of The Road Dexter Simon 
9 Is We Sound of The Ghost Darrell Edwards 
10 St James Triporians Rain Melody Keith Simpson/Dary Reid 
11 Scrunters Pan Groove Real Pan Jumbies Tommy Crichlow 
12 San Juan East Side Symphony Rain Melody Avis Bruce/Mashama Thompson
13 New Age Trend Setters J'Ouvert J'Ouvert Glenford Sobers
14 T&T Defence Force Yoh Looking for Horn Ricardo Dennis 
15 Gonzales Sheikers Pan On The Moon Clive Telemacque 
16 Harlem Syncopators Nil Nil
17 Chord Masters Fire and Steel C Harewood/DAlexander/A Campbell
18 Cocorite West Wind Rain Melody Glen Sween
19 Rhythm Rockers Taking Way Somebody Woman Shawn Marcano
20 Shades In Steel Rain Melody Kenneth Guppy
21 Magic Notes Rebirth Yoh Looking for Horn Adrian Rears
22 Spree Simon Harmonics Part Like Me Sony Danclair 
23 Uni-Stars Uncle Sam Rodney Stowe 
24 United Sounds Pan On The Moon Albert Marcano