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2月20日(火)20:00 会場:スキナー・パーク・サン・フェルナンド


  バンド名 曲目 アレンジャー
1 Trinmar Hatters Raindrops on My Pan Nil
2 Tonadoes Rain Melody  Brian Brumant
3 Petrotrin Deltones Yoh Looking For Horn  Carlton Alexander
4 Panasonic Connection Rain Melody Nubia and Atiba Williams
5 Tropical Angel Harps Raindrops on My Pan Clarence Morris
6 Southern Marines Steelpan Crisis Malomo Joseph
7 TCL Group Skiffle Bunch Stranger Godwin Bowen
8 Fonclaire Sound of the Ghost Darren Sheppard


  バンド名 曲目 アレンジャー
1 Shades in Steel Rain Melody  Kenneth Guppy
2 Trinmar Marines Taking Way Somebody Woman Woman Jason Baptiste
3 La Romaine Super Vibes Rain Melody  Garvin Williams
4 Rio Claro Koskeros Rain Melody  Kenny Pascal
5 New Age Trend Setters Jouvert Jouvert Glenford Sobers
6 Jah Roots South/Central Tradesman Members of the band 
7 Soundowner's Kitchener Say Kelvin Eccles