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  コンベンショナル・セミファイナル エントリー

2月18日(日)13:00 会場:グランドスタンド・サバンナ

  バンド名 曲目 アレンジャー
1 Sangre Grande Cordettes Kitchener Say Dexter Simon
2 TCL Group Skiffle Bunch Stranger Godwin Bowen
3 Petrorin Phase II Pan Groove Freedom Len Boogsie Sharpe
4 BP Renegades Sound of the Ghost Jit Samaroo
5 Melodians Rain Drops On My Pan  Terrance BJ Marcelle
6 Merrytones Rain Melody  Kendall Lewis
7 Tonadoes Rain Melody  Brian Brumant
8 Carib Tokyo Stranger Beverley Griffth
9 Exodus A Happy Song Pelham Goddard
10 Tropical Angel Harps Raindrops on My Pan Clarence Morris
11 Petrotrin Deltones Yoh Looking For Horn  Carlton Alexander
12 Our Boys Nil Nil
13 Courts Laventille Sound Spesialist Fire and Steel Seion Gomez
14 Redemption Sound Setters Rain Melody Winston Gordon
15 INCOGEN Panberi Stranger Brain Villafana
16 Trinmar Hatters Raindrops on My Pan Nil
17 Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars Rain Melody  Leon Smooth Edwards
18 Nu Tones It's The Culture Wayne Bruno
19 CSM Arima Angel Harps Rain Melody  Kenrick and Harold Headley
20 BWIA Invaders Stranger Ken Professor Philmore
21 PCS Nitrogen Starlift Fire and Steel Anise Hadeed

Pan in the 21st Century エントリー

  バンド名 曲目 アレンジャー
1 TCL Group Skiffle Bunch Precious Len Boogsie Sharpe
2 Petrorin Phase II Pan Groove Love Me Tender Len Boogsie Sharpe
3 BP Renegades More Jit Samaroo
4 Melodians I Will Survive Terrance BJ Marcelle
5 Carib Tokyo My Love Does It Good Beverley Griffth
6 Exodus Maria Maria Pelham Goddard
7 Petrotrin Deltones It's Too Hot  
8 Courts Laventille Sound Spesialist Give Me The Night  
9 INCOGEN Panberi My Way  
10 Trinmar Hatters Let It Be Me Earl Brooks
11 Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars Precious Lord Leon Smooth Edwards
12 BWIA Invaders Rock The Boat  
13 PCS Nitrogen Starlift Trippin